Broadwater Health partners with innovative and impactful companies and technologies to bring improvements in health, wellness and nutrition to a broader audience.

Broadwater Health is a unique collaboration, headed up by the company’s experienced team of healthcare investors and entrepreneurs, working alongside scientific and medical advisors, supported by an international medical manufacturing and distribution network.

We partner with companies seeking to grow on a global scale with an established product-market fit, and who need capital, expertise and/or access to new markets to accelerate their growth, and are looking to market and distribute their products to a worldwide market.

Impact is important to us and we ensure that all the companies we are involved with are making a measurable, positive social impact. We track impact across the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the resources and experience to create long-term value for management, customers and all stakeholders, we identify and partner with companies with strong market opportunities and establish investment partnerships that have the potential to transform the health and wellness sector.